Similar Seemingly Absurd Infinities, 2009, dust from 100 NASA training photos on adhesive inkjet fabric

Dust from 100 old NASA training slides. Physical transparencies were scanned and the spaces between the dust were erased. Each image is layered over one another creating an absurd number of specs. The size of this work varies on the space to be installed. As a final work it exists as an infinitely expandable adhesive inkjet fabric placed on the wall.
Trying to fit it all in
A Fancy Machine is the Perfect...
Borrowed Photons and Black Hole
The Deep Empty
Rehearsal for Unfolding the Universe
Absent Minded Monotonous Splendor
Where I End and You Begin #3
Similar Seemingly Absurd Infinities
The Continuous Work Drawings
Unfolding Space
The Growing Metaphysical Void...
One Week of Entertainment
After Boredom: A Literal History
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